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Charité International Academy (ChIA): Advanced training programme for physicians and scientists

 The current reform momentum in medical education, particularly in the sphere of further medical education aims at strengthening patient-oriented medical practice.  The clinical approach to patients is communicated largely through language and this means that there is an increasing demand on the communication skills of modern physicians. The programs on offer as part of the ChIA program focus on developing so-called soft skills that the physician uses in his/her daily medical routine. Our courses have been tailored to include soft skill developments for the needs of a modern day physician working in German hospitals and practices.

Academic training programme for healthcare professionals

Unique in Germany, our training programme is aimed at international and German physicians, nursing staff and scientists, who would like to adequately meet the challenges of increasingly globalized education and job markets.

The Charité International Academy also offers onsite events in the form of:

  •  2 and 4 day compact seminars
  •  Module courses that take place once a week
  •  Six-week intensive courses
  •  In-house training sessions that are held throughout Germany
  •  Individual coaching, mentoring and teaching courses.